Lasts Forever

Your stained glass windows or doors will last for generations. We use the most modern and technologically advanced methods of construction and installation. Our cement is custom made and guaranteed for at least 50 years. Larger windows typically have additional reinforcement (re-bars) added and add to the strength during installation.

Before modern times, stained glass was durable as the glass was thicker and usually set in cement. Painting on glass was more common as it was easier to work with large pieces of glass because of the thickness.

The oldest surviving stained glass windows are thought to be the Prophet Windows in Augsburg Cathedral, of c. 1065. (CREDIT: 

From the mid 1800’s until the early 1900’s, glass was mouth blown into cylinders and then flattened into sheets by hand. The turn of the century heralded great innovations in glass making as machines were used to flatten and create a more uniform thickness to glass. 

Rolling Out Glass

This was also a time when Tiffany began using the copper foil method to make his lampshades, and lead began to be used less. Hobbyists today use mostly copper foil to create panels. Traditional leaded stained glass lasts for generations and is becoming a lost art. Authentic stained glass panels from Rae Studios will outlive you, looking as beautiful as the day they were installed.

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