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Care of Stained Glass Windows

Usually, our windows are installed on the inside of the existing window. The outside pane acts to protect the stained glass from the elements and if installed near a door, add security to your home or office. In addition, we use a special compound called “whiting” to clean the glass. This compound acts as a deterrent to dust and typically never needs to be cleaned when properly sealed during installation. Fingerprints and smudges on your window can easily be cleaned with a rag and whiting or plaster of paris. When you order a custom window from Rae Studios we show you the process. In addition, a proper seal and a protective glass or plexi-glass outside panel during installation qualifies you for tax credit for double insulated windows. 

Garden Door

In addition, we are often asked “What happens if I invest in stained glass and then decide to sell my home?” Many realtors believe that stained glass is a terrific investment, adding to the overall value of the home. The unique beauty of this investment might be what sells your home!

By installing an additional clear panel on the outside, we show you how to remove the stained glass so you can take it with you if you sell your property.