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Tiffany Lamp

Tiffany Lamps Worth Millions

Authentic Tiffany lampshades go for millions of dollars. This “Pond Lily” lamp sold for $3,372,500 at Christie‚Äôs in New York in December 2018. Made by Tiffany Studios in the early 1900s, it was one of the costliest and rarest creations …

Copper Foil

Decorative Wire

I often use twisted wire to finish off jewelry boxes, free-forms, etc. and I show you here how easy it is to make a metal wire braid. Take three pieces of copper or galvanized wire (I prefer 18 gauge) and …

Barnes Trucking Business Logo

Art & Glass

Art & Glass – two things that can “make your day”!!! If you love them both as much as I do, you’ll want to see the unlimited possibilities of creating colorful, light-filled, delightful art. My favorite hero, of course, is …